Decorative Knot Boards to Make Nautical Theme Home Decor Ideas

Decorative knot boards are not only a beautiful example of nautical decor, but they can be educational as well.

Nautical themed using knot board for fireplace decor ideas

Knot tying remains one of the true art forms practiced by sailors. For thousands of years, the skills of knot tying, line handling, and sewing were necessary skills for those who manned the great sailing ships of old. Knot boards are a popular piece of nautical decor and are actually replicas of teaching tools used to advance the craft of knot making and splicing.

Whether you want to accent the theme of a single room or entire house, decorative knot boards and nautical decor has something for everybody.

Knot tying is an essential skill for any sailor. Names used for various knots are thought to come from several sources. The name would describe the type of knot. Bends, hitches, bowlines and loops all have specific uses and can be seen in various configurations. Most often, the name is synonymous with the shape of the knot boards.

The most basic type of knot boards is the square knot. Also known as a reef knot, the knot takes on a square shape when it is properly tied. Square knots are quite strong and are used to join rope of equal size. A wrongly tied square knot is called a granny knot. When faced with two lengths of rope of different diameters, a sailor would use a sheepshank or sheep bend. The manner in which the ropes wrap around each other creates a very strong bond.

Knot boards, in addition to being decorative can be educational as well. As a piece of nautical decor, the knot board is a great way display the ancient and important art of knotting, splicing, and decorative weaving.

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Decorative Knot Boards

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