Several Good Things You Need to Know about Pedestal Coffee Tables

Pedestal coffee tables are a round-top furniture piece supported by a central column that may have three or more legs at its base.

Walnut finish pedestal coffee table gallery

Coffee tables are designed to be a gathering place for people to share drinks and conversation. The classic pedestal coffee table style has many antique and modern variations in height, size, and materials used. Many pedestal coffee tables are made mostly or entirely of wood. Pedestal tables are generally not as stable as square and rectangular tables.

There is pedestal coffee tables variety to fit most accessory table needs.

The basic pedestal table design is adaptable to a wide variety of formats. Tall pedestal tables can have stool seating or simply be used as a walk-up surface. Low pedestal coffee table usually does not block a television screen and are ideal for couch and recliner height seating. Pedestal tables with large tops are versatile enough to use as reserve dining space when necessary.

Pedestal tables can vary greatly in price, construction, and durability. High-end pedestal coffee tables with carved tops made from natural stone can last for generations. Large empty wooden spools, like those utility companies use to hold wire and cable, can be turned onto one of their flat sides to make an inexpensive pedestal coffee table. Well-made natural and synthetic material pedestal tables can be just as reliable and long-lived with proper care. A quality pedestal coffee table does not wobble or sit unevenly on a flat surface.

Simple repairs can often temporarily reduce or completely eliminate problems with pedestal coffee tables. A folded napkin or envelope slid under one of the legs or one side of the base may be all that is necessary to steady a damaged pedestal coffee table. Loose pedestal table tops can generally be secured back onto the base column by tightening the screws or bolts holding brackets on the underside of the table.

mahogany double pedestal coffee table designs

Round pedestal coffee table images

Stylish Round Pedestal Coffee Table Pictures

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