The Advantages of Constructing Spiral Staircases in Your Home

Spiral staircases can occupy an ideal space in a structure that will neither block areas for activities nor require extension.

wooden steel classic spiral staircase with wood steps ideas

Modern designs for houses with two or three floors include spiral staircases design as alternative to traditional straight flight of stairs or winding stairs. Even though traditional designs offer a myriad of benefits, this modern design is best for several unique reasons. If the owner of the house to be built expects all spaces to be used productively for family activities, then spiral staircase offer a great deal of space saving.

Spiral staircases are also known for its accessibility.

Other types are required to be built at specific locations in the house as either stated in certain structural codes or presented in the ideal design. But spiral staircase can be built at any accessible corner. While it doesn’t impact the usable spaces much, the owner of the house can even decide to place the staircase outside to make easy access to the succeeding floors.

Aside from convenience and space efficiency, spiral staircase is visually attractive. It breaks the monotony of a straight flight of stairs, which usually causes discomfort for the family members. An outdoor spiral staircase can add to the uniqueness and attractiveness of a house due to its unusual winding structure. Like circular spiral staircase, squared type also looks unique and pleasing to the eye even from afar.

Spiral staircases, whether an indoor or outdoor spiral staircase, offer a lot of advantages that a designer can mull over. However, the family should be cautious enough to avoid accidents while utilizing it. Some people misconceive this type of stair as the safest, but in reality, the risk of using it is similar to the risk of using other types of stairs. Complete precaution is still needed.

classic steel wood steps spiral staircase design

Dynamic Spiral Steel Staircase Modern Design Picture

exotic spiral staircase design

Spiral Staircases

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